“You can create anything by writing.”

C.S. Lewis

These wise words from C.S. Lewis are at the heart of The Wordsmith’s Pen. With tips and tales for authors, writers, and readers along with editing, writing, and consultation services available, I hope to create a a place for you to grow in your writing and find enjoyment in writing.

Writing Tips

In depth craft articles, quick tips, and product reviews that will help any writer excel.

Story Prompts & Contests

There was a candle that never lost its flame. Everyone thought it was magical. You go to visit it and for the first time in over a hundred and fifty years, it goes out.

Find prompts, contests, and challenges to enter.

Book Reviews

Book reviews to help you find your next favorite novel.

So many books, so little time.”

Frank Zappa

Content Editing

I provide creative content editing for novels, short story, fiction, and non-fiction.

I also am available for professional editing for a thesis, dissertation, articles, etc.

Content Writing

Content writing available for articles, company sites, and more.

“Writing well is more than mechanics, but it is not less.”

Douglas Wilson


Whether you need 15 minutes or an hour plus to discuss your writing project, brainstorm ideas, or get advice on writing, my consultations are professional, personally tailored, and perfect for any writer.

  1. Love your story, Rachel! Congratulations on winning first place! Love you, grammy Diane L. Zimmerman, PhD, President Grandma’s Comfort 2404…

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