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Toasted: A romantic and humorous short play

Enjoy a small romantic and humorous play about an attempted proposal. If ever you’ve thought abut writing a play or film script, I offer writing consultations and writing tips. Sign up for my email list now so you don’t miss any of the writing goodness!

The restaurant is small and intimate. Tables are lit by candles and soft violin music is being played in the background. A general babble can be heard in the background throughout the scene, though no other tables are visible. A table sits near center stage with a lace tablecloth, long taper candles burning, and rose petals all over it, with fresh red roses standing in a vase. JENNY, a pretty twenty something in a gorgeous pink silk dress covered by a fashionable coat walks in with LANCE, a cute twenty something, her boyfriend. Their coats are taken by a hostess and they are led to a table and Lance pulls the chair out for her. The hostess leaves. The couple sits facing each other, so we can see the side of them. Lance nervously pulls out a small black ring box, sets it on his lap, then places it back in his jacket.  

Jenny: This place is gorgeous. It must’ve taken forever to get a reservation.

Lance: Eh, it wasn’t too bad. Lloyd at work pulled some strings. Anything for you sweetheart. 

Jenny: I have no idea what to get. Do you know? Whatcha thinking?

(both open their menus but Lance stares at Jenny for a second before looking down)

(Enter Tony, a suave thirty year old waiter with slicked hair, a bright smile, and a slight accent that may be fake)

Tony: Bonjour! My name is Tony. Are you ready to order? Drinks maybe? Or start with a nice dessert? Not always do you need to have dinner before a nice slice of cheesecake to start off a romantic date, eh? (winks jauntily and holds a pen to his order book)

Lance: Can we just get a bottle of your ’97 Merlot for now and a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon?

(Tony writes down the order)

Jenny: Ooh, that sounds wonderful. We can toast your big promotion properly, as long as I’m not too tipsy with all this! (smiles and turns to Tony) Can we get a minute for the food? I’ve no idea. 

Tony: ‘Course. I’ll be back in a few, mademoiselle. Though look at page two. They’ve got some dishes to die for. Magnifico. (kisses his fingers as if he was a chef and heads to the kitchen off stage)

Jenny: Well he’s friendly. (looks at her menu and sighs) This place is so romantic, Lance. I love it. (sets the menu down and reaches across and holds his hand) 

Lance: I love you. (reaches down to his pocket. Starts to pull out ring box) Actually Jenny-

Tony: (re-enters quickly) Aha! Are you ready to order? The menus are down!

Lance: (lifts his hand back on the table, ring box still tucked away) Actually not quite yet. Few more minutes please.

Tony: Difficulty making up the mind? Well, how about the specials? The chef makes a delicious lobster. Or the spring salad with lemon shrimp is a great starter, the dressing is bright and zesty, perfect for a bright couple such as you. Or maybe some chocolate cake, the German double chocolate is perfection.

Jenny: (lets go of Lance’s hand and picks up the menu again. Lance slowly follows suit) Actually, could I start off with the Caesar salad?

Tony: Absolutely, Mademoiselle! (bounces as he writes down the order) And for you sir? 

Lance: (sighs) I’ll take the shrimp salad. 

Tony: (writes down the order) I will put these in right away. And I’ll be back with your wine in just a moment! (exits)

Jenny: (laughs lightly, still paroozing the menu) Well, he’s a chipper fellow. Do you think pasta? Or chicken parm? Maybe not. Remember that parm at Georginos last year? 

Lance: (smiles) The one that forgot the parmesan?

Jenny:  But they had good salad.

Lance: Lettuce, dressing, and walnuts is not that difficult. And you deserve the best. You’re amazing, Jenny. (grabs her hand, his voice getting deeper and romantic) You’re the best person in my life.

Jenny: (smiling) Lance…

Tony: (re-enters pushing a cart with a wine bottle and a champagne bottle in a bucket of ice, and two wine glasses and champagne flutes) Merlot! Such a good vintage. You, sir, have wonderful taste. (starts to pour the wine, setting a glass down in front of each of them) Have you decided on an entrée? The lobster is quite delicious. The steak medallions with buttered asparagus are also highly recommended. The veal, so tender and succulent! (kisses his fingers again) 

Jenny: Can I have the lobster alla puttenesca? (closes her menu as Tony writes down the order)

Lance: I’ll get the calamari with risotto. (closes the menu. Tony takes both)

Tony: I’ll send these to the kitchens right away! (leaves again)

Jenny: He’s such a fun waiter. Think the accent’s real?

Lance: Doubt it. Probably just to get better tips. 

Jenny: Be nice, he’s just being friendly. (playfully swats his hand) I’m gonna run to the ladies room. I have to (sarcastically in high snooty accent) powder my nose before my gentleman darest see me unpowdered. (winks and leaves) 

Lance: (nervously taps the table and looks around. Looks at the wine cart. Seems to have an idea. Pulls out ring box and takes out ring. Sets the ring in the champagne flute and strategically places the ice bucket so Jenny cannot see) Perfect!

(Jenny reenters and sits down)

Jenny: That bathroom is nicer than my apartment. C’mon, let’s toast your promotion. Who needs to wait till after dinner to drink champagne?

Tony: (re-enters) I am so sorry. I was just looking at your orders. You said Dom Perignon. I apologize. I’ll get you the right one. (rearranges the cart, placing things on the table, wheels away cart with the champagne bucket on it, exits)

Lance: (sputtering) No…wait…we’ll…wait.

Jenny: (laughs) I guess we’ll just have to wait to toast afterwards. (sips her wine)

Lance: (stands up) I’m gonna make sure he gets the right one this time. 

Jenny: I’m sure he will. C’mon Lance, sit. It’s no big deal!

Lance: No…I’ll just go check. (walks to far left and runs into Tony who is re-entering with the cart and a new bottle. Out of ear shot of Jenny though we hear the conversation)

Tony: Sir? (seems surprised) Can I help you?

Lance: The glasses?! (starts searching the cart)

(On the other side, Jenny looks around, seemingly bored. Notices the black box that Lance never put back. Leans across the table and picks it up. Slowly opens it.)

Lance: (slightly frantic) Where are the glasses? The ring? Did you see the ring?

Tony: What ring, sir? (Jenny starts looking around the table,)

Lance: The ring, my grandmother’s ring. I put it in the champagne glass to propose to her!

Tony: (serious, accent gone) I left the glasses on the table. I didn’t touch the ring. I swear, man. 

(Realization dawns and Lance turns around. Jenny, mouth slightly open and wide eyed picks up the hidden champagne flute, the ring sparkling in the bottom, clearly visible. Stares at the ring and then looks across the restaurant and meets his eyes. Smiles and stands.)


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