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Weekly Writing Contest: May 30-June 4th

Hello writers, authors, and readers! I hope you’ve all been writing up a storm these past few weeks. If you feel stuck or don’t know how to start, you can check out my tips for starting a story. If you find yourself easily distracted or unable to fit in time to write, I have some tips on making and maintaining a schedule.

No matter what is going on though, I want to be here to support you. I’m offering free 15 minute writing consultations to my email subscribers and discounted rates for any editing project.

Now, for the main attraction: the writing challenge!

Write a piece of flash fiction (no more than 1000 words) based on the image below and submit it via my contact page or post on your own site by June 4th to be eligible for publication here on The Wordsmith. Remember to always link back to this page or my site to be added to participants below!

Each week on Friday I will post a new writing contest and the names and/or links of those who participated in the previous week’s contest to help connect writers and readers. Specially selected stories will be published on The Wordsmith. Happy writing!

This week, I’d like to challenge a few of my favorite fellow writers to complete this challenge and have fun with it! Check out their blogs for more great storytelling as well.

Mrs. T’s Corner

mint miller writes

Magical Book Lush

An Enchanted Place


Chasing the Wholly Life

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