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Asena Chapter 5: Marlene

Marlene had a boyfriend who had liked to spoil her a few years ago. Fancy dinner dates, trips to exotic locations, purses more expensive than my college tuition, and, of course, flashy jewelry. Marlene loved the attention and didn’t care at all that most of it was stolen or paid for with stolen credit cards.… Continue reading Asena Chapter 5: Marlene

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Asena Ch. 4: The Office

I knew that I had to find Francis. I laughed inwardly, enjoying my own Marvel reference. So far, I had caught a few lucky breaks. Emmett had heard of him at one of my favorite bars and Danny had been the cop to throw him out. I was feeling good about myself though I didn’t… Continue reading Asena Ch. 4: The Office

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How To Write a Relationship Your Reader Will Love

You may have heard that the golden rule for writing a relationship is that if they have to kiss for your reader to know they’re in love, you haven’t written a real relationship. But what does that actually look like? How do you write something that your readers will love? How do you write love?… Continue reading How To Write a Relationship Your Reader Will Love

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Asena: Chapter Three

Curious to learn more about Asena's backstory? Meet Danny, a friend with insight into her family! Remember to comment to add your own ideas, character names, and thoughts to the story! You might just see them pop up in the next chapter!   I stared at Danny as he turned away and started to bark… Continue reading Asena: Chapter Three

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Asena: Chapter 2

The Blue Benjo liked neon, cheap liquor, and, despite its logo looking like the dog from Blues Clues, was known for housing Silver City’s lowlife. With a population of 400,000 and a top ten university in the heart of the city, Silver City had quite a few places like this. It was easy to see… Continue reading Asena: Chapter 2

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Asena; Chapter 1

Welcome to Sunday Segment. Each week, I will post another chapter from the ongoing novel. If you have an idea, story prompt, question, or direction you'd love to see the story go, either comment or send me a message using my contact page and I'll see what I can do. Today you'll meet Asena, a… Continue reading Asena; Chapter 1

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Characters: Mallory-waitress at Hal’s DinerPaul- Mallory’s eight year old sonRon- Paul’s friendGeorge- Paul’s imaginary friendReggie- waiter at Hal’s Diner Setting:Winter. A block in a small town. A street with fresh snow on it. Stage left is the street corner. The street goes through center stage. Stage right is Hal’s Diner. Inside Hal’s Diner, booths and… Continue reading Footprints