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Story Prompt #12

While driving home during a snowstorm, you slide into the ditch. You have no cell service. A car slides into the ditch next to you. The person steps out into the snow and you gasp.   Any stories from this prompt submitted using my contacts page have a chance to be published on my site… Continue reading Story Prompt #12

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Story Prompt #11

While you helped your grandpa clean out his attic, you discover an ornate dagger. Before you get a chance to ask him about it, it begins to glow. A man appears and tells you he’s been waiting for the worthy one to touch the dagger.   Any stories from this prompt submitted using my contacts… Continue reading Story Prompt #11

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Elemental Short Story-Water

The water was warmer than he expected. His diving suit seemed to keep away the chill that should be spreading through each limb in this deep of water. As a researcher, he knew that the darkness was natural, the glimpses of fish floating around him caught in his flashlight shouldn’t spook him. But something about… Continue reading Elemental Short Story-Water

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Asena; Chapter 1

Welcome to Sunday Segment. Each week, I will post another chapter from the ongoing novel. If you have an idea, story prompt, question, or direction you'd love to see the story go, either comment or send me a message using my contact page and I'll see what I can do. Today you'll meet Asena, a… Continue reading Asena; Chapter 1