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Asena 10: Plans

Rejoin Asena as she scrambles to save both Emmett and Marlene from a possibly lethal plan to uncover the truth about Francis' murder. Comment below to add your thoughts and ideas! Thanks!   This was a terrible plan. I wasn’t usually the type of person to get swept up in a grand idea without weighing… Continue reading Asena 10: Plans

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Story Prompt #8

"The last person you speak to on your eighteenth birthday is either the person you will end up with or the person who will kill you. Write about going to a traveling circus show on that day." Any stories from this prompt submitted using my contacts page have a chance to be published on my… Continue reading Story Prompt #8

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Asena Ch. 9: A Coffee Shop Deal

Join Asena and Marlene as they dive deeper into their case with a familiar face making an appearance. If you think you know what might happen next or want to make a suggestion, comment below and you may just see your suggestion show up in the next installment! As always, thanks for reading and feel… Continue reading Asena Ch. 9: A Coffee Shop Deal

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Story Prompt #7

"You are given a car with unlimited gas and mileage. The only catch is that you can never stay in a place more than two days. Write a story about your travels on the road." Any stories from this prompt submitted using my contacts page have a chance to be published on my site with… Continue reading Story Prompt #7

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Asena Ch. 8: Harold’s Daughter

“She’s gonna be great.” He took a long drag on his cigarette and looked over at Harold. The wind had tousled his black hair and the smoke from his cigarette was snatched away almost immediately. Harold smiled, flicking an ash off the end of his cigarette into an ornate ashtray. He stared at  his little… Continue reading Asena Ch. 8: Harold’s Daughter


The Good Friday Story

Jesus Christ's narrative is one of the greatest stories ever told. As a writer, I can truly appreciate the way God created such a mesmerizing and breathtaking story, that I believe to be undeniably true. This story spans thousands of years, fits together perfectly, and tells a tale that each of us can relate to… Continue reading The Good Friday Story

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Story Prompt #6

You are the first person to travel to the moon in fifty years. You arrive and all forms of communication with Earth drop. You step out and you’re greeted by a large group in spacesuits. One steps forward and looks at you curiously. “You escaped, too?”   Any stories from this prompt submitted using my… Continue reading Story Prompt #6

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Submit Your Short Story Today!

Do you love to write and want to see your work in print? Want to be able to write on your resume that you've been published as an author? I would love to help you! Submit a short story based on any prompt previously posted and you'll be entered for a chance to be published… Continue reading Submit Your Short Story Today!

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Asena Ch 7: Partners

“Tell me again why she’s here?” Danny asked me. He was in his uniform and was taking notes in a tiny notebook. Similarly dressed cops were swirling around the hotel room. Forensics techs were dusting for fingerprints and detectives were theorizing with each other. “I didn’t expect there to be a body,” I snapped. “I… Continue reading Asena Ch 7: Partners